F19 DVD over size - what to drop?

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Fri May 10 23:47:28 UTC 2013

>On 05/01/2013 10:39 PM, Dan Mashal wrote:

>> Why is wayland being included? Last I checked we are still using X11.
>> 42596   wayland-devel.x86_64
>> 21216   libwayland-client-devel.x86_64
>> 14860   libwayland-cursor.x86_64
>> 7204    libwayland-cursor-devel.x86_64
>< ========
>> Thunderbird is new? Drop it. Let's use evolution.
>> =========
>No, since we already maintain a whole bunch of desktop environments on
>the DVD, why can't we have two email clients there?
>Looking at:
>11694552        mate-icon-theme.noarch
>10799132        mate-backgrounds.noarch
>Why can't mate use the default backgrounds? If it can, shouldn't we drop
>additional backgrounds and themes?
>Matthias Runge <mrunge at matthias-runge.de>
mate-backgrounds can safetly droped, imo.
If the maintainaner use a gsettings.overide file for mate-desktop to enable the default fedora background.
Any other MATE package depends on mate-background.
Removing  mate-icon-theme is a bad idea because MATE 1.6 use new Menta DE theme as default which needs new Menta icon theme from mate-icon-theme.

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