polkit changes in F19 and rawhide

Miloslav Trma─Ź mitr at volny.cz
Sat May 11 01:05:49 UTC 2013

Summary: You shouldn't have to do anything.

If you are interested, read on...

The following changes to polkit packaging have landed in rawhide, and will
very likely appear in F19 as well (testing and karma on [1] welcome):

* The JavaScript engine is now mandatory, to ensure polkit's decisions are
always consistent.

  The separate polkit-js-engine package has been removed; the main package
provides the "polkit-js-engine" name to ensure a smooth transition.

* Compatibility with the previous format of authorization rules (*.pkla,
and *.conf for defining administrator users) is now provided by a
polkit-pkla-compat package[2].

  polkit-pkla-compat is also mandatory (required by polkit) to ensure
polkit's decisions are always consistent.

  Your packages can thus use either JavaScript *.rules or ini-style
*.pkla.  The two differ only in the ordering semantics (which you hopefully
don't need to care about).

  In most cases it's easiest to use whatever format is shipped by upstream;
if you have already migrated your package to *.rules, feel free to continue
using it.

  (If you are also an upstream maintainer, note that polkit-pkla-compat is
a separate package and it is not currently available in any other Linux

[2] https://fedorahosted.org/polkit-pkla-compat/
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