Mission Impossible #1: qt without gtk

Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
Sun May 12 22:31:22 UTC 2013

Eugene Pivnev wrote:
> 11.05.2013 23:22, Adam Williamson:
>>> qgit -> git -> libgnome_keyring 
>> ...like this one, for instance. libgnome-keyring's dependencies are 
>> pretty modest:
> As I found in git.spec - git's gnome-keyring suff is optional. 
> Is it possible to move them into separate package (for gnome users)?

This doesn't sound too unreasonable at first (and wasn't hard to do; I 
tested it locally).

I am not convinced that it's worth the effort, though.  All the 
dependencies of libgnome-keyring are included in the minimal install.  
So what would be the gain?  (Splitting the package only to avoid 
pulling in something with gnome in the name isn't enough. ;)

The cost would be causing users who want to use the git gnome 
credential helper to install an additional package.

If this wasn't already in place, I'd probably be more inclined to add 
it as a subpackage from the start.  But now that it's included, I'm 
not as sure that the costs are outweighed by any benefits.

I could be completely wrong, of course.

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