Reviewer needed for some packages?

Hans de Goede hdegoede at
Mon May 13 10:01:10 UTC 2013


On 05/10/2013 01:37 AM, Christopher Meng wrote:
> I've made a lot of RPMs but now I can't say when they all can be reviewed.....

First of all I think it is great that you are contributing so much packages,
thanks for all your hard work!

As I tried to explain in my original post, the review process works best if
people swap review, lets say I've 3 packages I want to get in, and you have
3 too, then I review your 3 and you review mine 3, and then we've 6 new
packages, and the work load of reviewing is distributed fairly, for each
package for which you receive a review, you do a review yourself.

I currently don't have anything which needs reviewing myself, but I've
a whole list of things which I would like to package when I find some
time. Once I've those packaged I would be happy to swap some reviews
with you.

In the mean time I suggest you pick a couple of packages from your
to-be-reviewed queue, and send a mail to devel at
with as topics "Review swap for XX packages", and then a short
description + bz link per package. As Alex said earlier in this thread
you will be amazed how quickly you will find people willing to do
reviews for you, as long as they get a review in return.



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