Mission Impossible #1: qt without gtk

Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
Mon May 13 13:57:24 UTC 2013

Eugene Pivnev wrote:
> 13.05.2013 02:31, Todd Zullinger:
>> Eugene Pivnev wrote:
>>> As I found in git.spec - git's gnome-keyring suff is optional. Is 
>>> it possible to move them into separate package (for gnome users)?
>> This doesn't sound too unreasonable at first (and wasn't hard to 
>> do; I tested it locally).
>> I am not convinced that it's worth the effort, though.  All the 
>> dependencies of libgnome-keyring are included in the minimal 
>> install.  So what would be the gain?  (Splitting the package only 
>> to avoid pulling in something with gnome in the name isn't enough. 
>> ;)
> The problem is that Fedora is too Gnome distro. 
> And instead of as Gnome/GTK spin builder as non-G* ones have clean 
> system and add required packages - G* users are happy but non-G* must 
> to pick out gtk/gnome from _clean_ system. 
> My aim is to create pure Qt4 spin (similar to pure KDE one). 
> As you can see - this task is not trivial. In contrast with pure GTK 
> or Gnome.

Perhaps I wasn't clear about what I meant by "minimal install."  I 
performed a text mode install of F18, which consists of 235 packages. 
(This is not a Gnome or KDE spin by any means.)

All of libgnome-keyring's dependencies are included in the minimal 
spin.  And as Florian pointed out, those dependencies would be pulled 
in by Qt as well.

Splitting the credential helper from the git package just because the 
dependency has the word gnome in it is not productive.  Unless there's 
some other compelling reason to split this out which has not been 
mentioned yet, I don't have any plans to look at it further.

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