Mission Impossible #1: qt without gtk

Eugene Pivnev ti.eugene at gmail.com
Mon May 13 16:41:11 UTC 2013

13.05.2013 19:30, Adam Williamson:
>> The problem is that Fedora is too Gnome distro.
> That is a rant, not a description of a problem. The simple fact that the
> package "libgnome-keyring" has the word "gnome" in it is not sufficient
> to qualify as a problem. As Todd wrote, libgnome-keyring itself has very
> minimal dependencies, it does not require the rest of the GNOME
> components. So the fact that git depends on it is not really a problem.
libgnome-keyring is minimal problem (ok - is _not_ problem at all; 
although I'm surprised that _console_ git depends on DE-specific library).
Try "sudo yum remove gtk2 gtk3" at you host.
And then try to make job with this host.

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