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Ralph Bean rbean at
Tue May 14 03:32:46 UTC 2013

Last week the infrastructure team launched a new version of Fedora

It is a webapp that allows users to upvote/downvote tags on packages as
well as rate packages themselves.  The data will end up getting pulled into
yum repo metadata by the bodhi masher and into the Fedora Packages[2]
indexer to improve search results.  Fedora Tagger is also one of our
first attempts at "gamification".  You earn "points" by voting and rating
and there's a leaderboard on which you can muscle for first place(!)

This new version is quite a bit of a rewrite.  The original version
was written on top of the TurboGears2 framework; this new one is
written on Flask instead.

The rewrite has given us an opportunity to more clearly define the API[3],
(many thanks to pingou).  This affords us the opportunity to write tools
against it:  Pierre is working on a desktop tagger application[4]
and we've been in some conversation with Richard Hughes about using it
for gnome-software[5].

Other new features and bugfixes aside from the API cleaning:

- OpenID FAS Login for security and convenience.
- You can now cast your rating on packages (not just tags on packages)
- The scoring system is more complicated.  Adding new tags is worth more
  points than voting on pre-existing tags.
- oddshocks contributed a nice link to the bug tracker from the main page.
- After some deliberation[6] on how to go about it, you can actually view
  packages with no tags when anonymous now.
- There used to be some weird focus-stealing bugs when using hotkeys.  Those
  have been eliminated.

Try it out, help improve package search, and climb your way to the
number-one tagger spot!

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