New Fedora Tagger

Miroslav Suchý msuchy at
Tue May 14 07:59:55 UTC 2013

On 05/14/2013 05:32 AM, Ralph Bean wrote:
> It is a webapp that allows users to upvote/downvote tags on packages as
> well as rate packages themselves.  The data will end up getting pulled into
> yum repo metadata by the bodhi masher and into the Fedora Packages[2]
> indexer to improve search results.  Fedora Tagger is also one of our
> first attempts at "gamification".  You earn "points" by voting and rating
> and there's a leaderboard on which you can muscle for first place(!)

What problem is trying to address this app?

OK. We will have database of packages and tags. And we will be able to 
generate leaderboard for each tag. Will be able to make some conclusions 
from this? I'm afraid that the answer is "no".

Personally I would rather have something like popcon [1] for Fedora. 
Even that lots of Debian people are not participating in popcon, still 
lots of them do that. And it provides statistically significant sample 
of installations. And can be used for decisions which packages will be 
removed from installation DVD; which architecture is most used etc.


Miroslav Suchy
Red Hat Systems Management Engineering

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