when startup delays become bugs

Chris Murphy lists at colorremedies.com
Tue May 14 21:51:44 UTC 2013

This is not intended to be snarky, but I admit it could sound like it is.  When are long startup times for services considered to be bugs in their own right?

[root at f19q ~]# systemd-analyze blame
      1min 444ms sm-client.service
      1min 310ms sendmail.service
        18.602s firewalld.service
         13.882s avahi-daemon.service
         12.944s NetworkManager-wait-online.service
         12.715s restorecond.service
          2.911s abrt-uefioops.service
          2.792s NetworkManager.service
          2.634s spice-vdagentd.service
          2.589s iprinit.service
          2.583s iprupdate.service
          2.319s chronyd.service

10 seconds for a service seems obscene. 1 minute is so bad it's hilarious, but also really annoying. I feel like filing a bug against anything that takes more than 1/2 second but maybe that's being overly generous (by filing the bug, that is).

In sendmail's defense, the time is about the same on F18. (It's consistently a bit faster in an F19 VM running on the same F18 system as host.)

But firewalld goes from 7 seconds to 18 seconds? Why? avahi-daemon, restorecond, all are an order of magnitude longer on F19 than F18. It's a 3+ minute userspace hit on the startup time where the kernel takes 1.9 seconds. Off hand this doesn't seem reasonable, especially sendmail. If the time can't be brought down by a lot, can it ship disabled by default?

Chris Murphy

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