MTA virtual provides craziness

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Wed May 15 01:10:04 UTC 2013

We now appear to have *four* virtual provides for mail servers:


This seems a tad excessive. exim and postfix provide all four. sendmail
provides MTA, smtpdaemon and server(smtp). Nothing else provides any of
them (though if we could just agree on what any of them meant or what
they were for, probably esmtp and ssmtp might want to).

Nothing requires 'smtpd'. One thing each requires each of the others,
just to make things nice and complicated:

[root at adam blivet (master %)]# repoquery --whatrequires MTA
[root at adam blivet (master %)]# repoquery --whatrequires "server(smtp)"
[root at adam blivet (master %)]# repoquery --whatrequires smtpdaemon

Good lord. Anyone feel like injecting any sanity? Anyone have a long
enough memory to know what the hell each of the different provides is
meant for? I seem to vaguely recall that 'MTA' and 'smtpdaemon' were
meant to express subtly different things, but I can't remember any
Adam Williamson
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