MTA virtual provides craziness

Michael Scherer misc at
Wed May 15 07:04:03 UTC 2013

Le mercredi 15 mai 2013 à 07:45 +0100, Peter Robinson a écrit :

> Adam, like you I seem to remember a subtle difference between MTA and
> the others. I think its because some MTAs only do local delivery, some
> do remote and some can do both. Eg sendmail needs procmail to handle
> the local part from distant memory.

The way I see the issue, a software would likely need a interface, ie
"something that provides /usr/bin/sendmail with this set of supported
option". We cannot requires directly this file due to alternative ( I
think ), so we may need a Requires/Provides for that. 

I do not see why a rpm would need to express " I need to have something
listening on port 25" or anything like that ( and so pull smtpd or
anything like this ), from a network point of view ( since anything
using the network could use a different host, so this mean a Requires is
not the good way to express this dependency ).

Michael Scherer

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