when startup delays become bugs

Lennart Poettering mzerqung at 0pointer.de
Wed May 15 11:01:18 UTC 2013

On Tue, 14.05.13 15:51, Chris Murphy (lists at colorremedies.com) wrote:

>           2.911s abrt-uefioops.service

I don't understand really why abrt needs to run at all by default. It
should be spawned automatically when an actualy crash happens, so that
by default nobody has to have this serice running.

Abrt guys, any chance you can make use of socket/bus/path activation so
that abrt is auto-spawned when needed and not before?

You don't even need to patch abrt itself for that (dropping in unit
files is sufficient) if it needs only bus or path activation. Only
socket activation needs patching.

I filed this now, to keep track of this:



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