when startup delays become bugs

Lennart Poettering mzerqung at 0pointer.de
Wed May 15 12:48:31 UTC 2013

On Wed, 15.05.13 07:45, Dan Williams (dcbw at redhat.com) wrote:

> > > Is anything waiting on NetworkManager-wait-online in your install?  That
> > > target is really intended for servers where you want to block Apache or
> > > Sendmail or Database from starting until you're sure your networking is
> > > fully configured.  If you don't have any services that require a network
> > > to be up, then you can mask NetworkManager-wait-online and things will
> > > be more parallel.
> > 
> > Dan, could you please implement these recommendations for F19:
> > 
> > https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=787314#c37
> > 
> > This really shouldn't be pulled in unconditionally...
> The changes you suggest there seem fine; one question about
> After=syslog.target being removed though: intentional?  I pretty much
> just take your guidance on the .service files.

After=syslog.target is unnecessary these days and should be removed from
all unit files, to keep things simple.

We nowadays require syslog implementations to be socket activatable, and
that socket is around before normal services start, and that's
guaranteed, hence nobody has to depend on syslog explicitly anymore. All
services will have logging available anyway, out-of-the-box, as default,
with no manual configuration necessary, and without any referring to


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