Default-installed MTA (was Re: MTA virtual provides craziness)

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Wed May 15 14:13:24 UTC 2013

Am 15.05.2013 16:08, schrieb Chris Adams:
> The core problem is that there's a general long-time Unix assumption
> that piping something to /usr/sbin/sendmail and/or connecting a TCP
> socket to localhost:smtp can send email, and so many things don't
> explicitly specify that need.  The idea is that /usr/sbin/sendmail
> handles connecting to the "right" host, aliasing, etc.

and the assumption is fine as it comnes to more than a desktop
hence that is why you can simply write any script in any language
run it as cronjob and if it spits out anything you get a mail

cronjobs like rkhunter use this assumption

this behavior is *perfect*
a sane script in this context is silent until errors warnings

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