Daily package ownership changes?

Stanislav Ochotnicky sochotnicky at redhat.com
Wed May 15 18:12:02 UTC 2013

Quoting Rahul Sundaram (2013-05-15 19:55:17)
> On 05/15/2013 01:22 PM, Pierre-Yves Chibon wrote:
> > As you can see from the output at the end of my email, not everyone does
> > it ;-)
> Yeah.  I am not surprised at all.  Automating as much as possible is the 
> only efficient way to handle it

To play the devil's advocate a bit, if we automate it without requiring announce
we end up without any additional info about reasons why package was orphaned.

So I'd say announce mail could probably go from "MUST" to "Nice to have". I.e.
please explain to prospective new maintainers what to be aware of.

Anyway, I am a fan of automation so +1 to this whole thing at least as a test
run. It's not visible from your example output, but if the owner just changed
from person A to person B instead to orphan, it would be 1 change instead of
A->orphan, orphan->B correct?

I would probably say daily reports would be overkill. Weekly could be perhaps
too long? If I think about it I'd probably invent some crazy complicated stuff
so...just pick some schedule and be prepared to change if people complain :-)

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