when startup delays become bugs

Chris Adams linux at cmadams.net
Thu May 16 19:41:04 UTC 2013

Once upon a time, Heiko Adams <heiko.adams at gmail.com> said:
> My top 6 of extreme long starting services are:
> $ systemd-analyze blame
>          27.652s NetworkManager.service
>          27.072s chronyd.service
>          27.015s avahi-daemon.service
>          26.899s tuned.service
>          26.647s restorecond.service
>          23.512s lightdm.service

Some people seem to be seeing some extremely long startup times for some
services.  I can't see what would make some of these take that long.
I'm wondering:

- is there some common bug that is causing a major slowdown for some of
  these services?

- is there possibly a bug in how systemd is measuring and/or reporting
  these times?

Some of the services you list could be running into some type of network
timeout, but tuned? restorecond?  Those shouldn't be hitting the network

Rather than focusing on individual services, it would seem to me like a
good idea to see if there is some underlying issue at work here.

Chris Adams <linux at cmadams.net>

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