Stuck koji job?

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Thu May 16 22:53:46 UTC 2013

On Thu, 16 May 2013 16:36:36 -0600
Jerry James <loganjerry at> wrote:

> Is there some way I can find out what is going on with this job?
> The Rawhide version built in about half an hour, but this build (for
> F-19) has been on the creating SRPM step pretty much all day.  Thanks,

Should be moving along now. 

We have seen this happen from time to time... kojid on the builder dies
so it stops processing the job it's working on. 

Will try and track down the underlying cause. 

In the mean time if you see this, do let rel-eng or infrastructure
folks know and we can restart kojid on that builder. 

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