[coreutils] require glibc-devel to prevent broken links in coreutils info manual (#959697)

Ondrej Vasik ovasik at redhat.com
Fri May 17 11:18:23 UTC 2013

> Am 17.05.2013 12:35, schrieb Ondrej Vasik:
> >> In that case, glibc maintainers need to re-consider their claim that it
> >> is only material for developers & put it in glibc-common or a glibc-docs
> >> package instead of the -devel package
> > 
> > That's what the glibc maintainers proposed as longer term solution for
> > their upstream todo list - split their info doc into strictly devel part
> > and "general purpose" part. This may need some time, though (and even
> > then, it will probably need some adoption, as it will probably be named
> > differently, so links may break again)...
> > 
> > Require glibc-devel in coreutils means + ~1M to default minimal
> > installation size. Not much, but not good practice, I agree. I may go with
> > coreutils-infodoc (or something like that) subpackage (keeping just basic
> > manuals in main package and additional docs separately). This will bring
> > back the "granularity" instead of hard dependency in the minimal install
> > package. Any thoughts?
> no, it pulls "glibc-headers" and "kernel-headers" too
> which are in summary 5.9 MB and around 120 MB on our
> virtual infrastructure

Ah, sorry, forgot about this. Reverted and will wait for -docs or separate non-developer info subpackage.


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