Fwd: Adding new group to comps-f19.xml.in

Ravindra Kumar ravindrakumar at vmware.com
Fri May 17 21:49:21 UTC 2013

Including mailing list for wider/more inputs.

>> I'm thinking of another approach. How about adding "open-vm-tools"
>> to "standard" group and "open-vm-tools-desktop" to "base-x" group?
>> Then, I will not have to modify so many installation environments
>> (patches attached). In future, we could make these packages
>> conditional by modifying Anaconda to support something like
>> following.

> Assorted people on the list didn't like this idea, so I'd prefer
> not to go that route. As well:

>> <packagereq type="conditional" requiredvirtualization="vmware">open-vm-toolspackagereq>

> ... that's not going to happen. We want to eliminate these
> conditionals wherever possible - we're not going to add new ones.

Bill and I are discussing following two approaches for
including open-vm-tools in Fedora:

1. Create two new groups, 'virt-agents' with 'open-vm-tools'
   and 'virt-agents-x' with 'open-vm-tools-desktop'. Add
   'virt-agents' group to X/non-X environments and add
   'virt-agents-x' group to X environments.

2. Add 'open-vm-tools' to 'standard' group and add
   'open-vm-tools-desktop' to 'base-x' group.

Last time when I discussed this, people did not like adding stuff
to 'core', but there was a suggestion to put it in 'standard'.
Therefore, I would like to know what people think about approach #2.

Does anyone have any comments/inputs for one approach over another?


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