anaconda / initial-setup / gnome-initial-setup: can we do this better?

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Mon May 20 08:04:13 UTC 2013

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> On Fri, 2013-05-17 at 14:25 -0700, Adam Williamson wrote:
> > but still, it seems to be worth considering. Alternatively, we could
> > make i-s behave a lot more like g-i-s: it could dump its 'root password'
> > and 'date/time' spokes, and only run at all, and only to allow user
> > creation, if you didn't create a user during anaconda.
> Thinking about it more, this really seems to be the way to go. Forcing
> user creation in anaconda is a problem for someone who wants to do a
> minimal install with no user account. Doing the above would reduce the
> paths to something manageable without compromising any existing use
> cases.

the main reason why we still have i-s while it's possible to do these 
setup tasks in Anaconda itself are OEM installations. And I'm pretty
sure we don't have many ;-) OEM installations.

I talked to vpodzime last week about the possibilities - two features
that are still not implemented are for EULA/license and Welcome screen. 
Historically it was in firstboot as far as I know, is it the right place?
I'd say no - Anaconda is the first UI you see and with possibility to
finish all steps in one tool, it's non sense. For OEM again - it's different.

So I agree with - putting as much functionality into Anaconda - licence,
welcome screen, user creation (at least recommend the creation in the
installer) and then there would be no reason to run i-s (unless user
is not created) and system-wide part of g-i-s.

Another reason why I'd prefer this solution are neverending problems with
firstboot/i-s theming under KDE.

> So, vpodzime, msivak: can we lobotomize initial-setup? Can we jettison
> the root password and time/date spokes, and make it only do user
> creation, and only run it if a user account was not created during
> anaconda? That seems to be the path forward to sanity, in my mind
> anyway.

+1, I think Vratislav will be on board too after our latest 
conversation ;-).


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