Default-installed MTA (was Re: MTA virtual provides craziness)

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Mon May 20 20:46:13 UTC 2013

Am 20.05.2013 22:43, schrieb Peter Robinson:
>> you only need to edit *one line* in /etc/aliases
>> everybody who knows unix-like systems knows this
> So your telling me your still using sendmail?

what the hell has /etc/aliases with sendmail to do?

> And if that's the case it's not hard to do "yum install MTA" either

it would not be hard to do a lot of things manually if they are
needed but the *make it idiot proof attitude* which makes
me crazy in so many cases is more important for Fedora and
when it comes to well known unix principles it does not matter?

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