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Adam Williamson awilliam at
Mon May 20 23:59:26 UTC 2013

On Mon, 2013-05-20 at 16:47 -0700, Ravindra Kumar wrote:
> > I thought the intent was to have the groups themselves included in other
> > groups; virt-agents in 'standard' and 'virt-agents-x' in 'base-x'. They
> > would then be installed by default in most configurations, but could be
> > specifically left out via a kickstart if desired, and would not be in
> > minimal installs.
> I too like that approach. But, I think this does not work. FYI, when
> I proposed adding new groups to 'standard' and 'base-x' groups, but
> I got following comment from Bill.
> "grouplist is not something that actually is used, though; they would
> need to either be added as mandatory/optional groups to the desktop
> environments, or just brought in via the spins' kickstart files.'"

Well, if comps groups can't subsume other comps groups, that rather
seems to suck. The 'have these groups included in @standard and @base-x'
approach seemed by quite a long margin the best one; the alternatives
all seem to suck.
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