Default-installed MTA (was Re: MTA virtual provides craziness)

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Tue May 21 08:10:33 UTC 2013

Le Mar 21 mai 2013 00:12, Kevin Fenzi a écrit :
> Lots of things use /etc/aliases...

In fact, /etc/aliases should be set up by anaconda or firstboot with the
main user mail.

We've been hearing for years from desktop people a MTA was "bad", "heavy"
and "difficult to use" but after years of rants they've still *not*
managed to supply a suitable replacement for remote notification and even
sendmail is less a configuration hell than GNOME these days.

Better a legacy system that works well than endless experiments scraped
before they reach the usable stage.


Nicolas Mailhot

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