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Bill Nottingham notting at
Tue May 21 18:41:09 UTC 2013

Ravindra Kumar (ravindrakumar at said: 
> Thanks Bill. No issues with the checkin.
> I looked at the checked in files and I have following questions:
> 1. "<default>false</default>" and "<uservisible>false</uservisible>"
>    elements will make these packages not to be installed by default
>    and invisible to users. Then, how would it be installed?

<default> for the group has no bearing on the installer now with
the introduction of environments for installation in F18, so it's
unilaterally set to false.

<uservisible> is only used in determining global option groups that
can be added to installation environment choices during anaconda, and
by post-install tools. For groups like this, that's not the best
usage, IMO, especially when they're already listed as explicit options
to the installation environments.

> 2. We have open-vm-tools-devel package and I think it will make
>    sense to include it in "developer-workstation-environment".
>    What do you say?

The default-included development libraries in the developer-workstation
environment are intended to be the ones used by major desktops & common
open source programs. I don't think that open-vm-tools-devel fits into
this category, and it's expected that C/C++ developers will likely have
to install more esoteric libraries afterwards.


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