Software Management call for RFEs

Jan Zelený jzeleny at
Wed May 22 13:43:32 UTC 2013

Dear Fedora community,
several months ago, at the Developer conference in Brno, Software Management 
team received a whole bunch of proposals for new functionality in RPM and 
related software stack.

We acknowledge the need for some changes in Software Management stack in 
Fedora but we don't want to make changes just by guessing what our 
users want. Therefore I call to you, consumers of our products (dnf, yum and 
rpm): what are the changes that you would like to see in the foreseeable 
future (say 2-3 years) and why would you like to see them (what would they 
help you with)?

There is already a list of some RFEs on wiki, you can use it as an 
inspiration, to see what RFEs we have already received:

The only limitation for your requests is our manifest which defines the scope 
of SW management stack for the future. It is attached to this email (note that 
it's quite extensive but the first part should give you a good image of what is 
the planned scope of SW management stack).

Please send your requests as replies to this email so they can be properly 
After your proposals are filed and discussed, all will be evaluated by our 
team and a roadmap with priorities will be created with those selected as 
doable and meaningful.

Thank you in advance for your participation
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