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On Wed, 22 May 2013 11:58:16 -0700
Adam Williamson <awilliam at> wrote:

> Either works. The drawback of a side tag is that it's slightly more
> complex to work with. The drawback of a compat library is the lack of
> motivation to complete the migration: there's a danger when you
> introduce a compat library that there isn't sufficient motivation for
> people to migrate their packages to the new library, because hey,
> everything works, right? What's the big rush?
> I think we've got into situations in the past where we've had to
> retire a compat library before everything was migrated off it, just
> to force people to _actually migrate things off it_.
> But both approaches work, and both are massively better than just
> breaking half of Rawhide :)

another few drawbacks of side tags: 

- Each one we make means it needs to run regular newrepos on it, which
  means (since koji only does a few at a time) that newrepos are slower
  for everyone. 

- If you take too long to do things in the side tag, your builds get
  stale and causes problems. Ie, you build foo-1.0-2 in the side tag
  against your new library, take a week rebuilding things and finally
  you are ready to tag those builds back in, but in the mean time the
  maintainer build foo-1.0-3 to fix something. Now you need to rebuild
  it again. So, a side tag is a thing you think you can get done pretty
  quickly, imho. 

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