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Thu May 23 05:27:48 UTC 2013

Adam Williamson wrote:
> On Thu, 2013-05-23 at 02:20 +0300, Oron Peled wrote:
> > Thinking about it, the terminology adopted by "comps" is clearer
> > and provides a generalization of this -- if someone select something
> > they get:
> >  - Mandatory packages (cannot be deselected)
> >  - Default packages (selected, but the user may deselect)
> >  - Optional packages (deselected, but the user may select)
> > 
> > 
> > Borrowing similar logic for rpm we could have in the spec file:
> >   Name: acme
> >   Requires: foo, foo-utils
> >   InstallDefault: bar, perl-bar, python-bar
> >   InstallOptional: baz, baz-ldap
> > 
> > Now it would be classic to use "--with/--without" as command line flags,
> > but it's already taken :-(
> I'm pretty sure that's precisely the distinction expressed by Suggests
> and Recommends, FWIW.

For interactive operations that's how I envision it, yes. When yum
lists the packages it's going to install and asks for confirmation, it
would list recommended packages and their requirements under
"Installing because of recommendations", and suggested packages under
"Suggested packages not being installed". The user can then choose to
abort the operation and run the command again, adding some suggested
packages to the command line or using --exclude on some of the
recommended ones.

In batch operations like Kickstart and Mock I'm thinking recommendations
and suggestions would be ignored and only required packages would be
pulled in. I don't know how Kickstart handles Comps groups but "default"
sounds to me like it would be installed even in batch operations.

Björn Persson
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