Software Management call for RFEs

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at
Thu May 23 12:58:15 UTC 2013

On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 01:33:37PM +0200, Simone Caronni wrote:
> might I ask the reasoning behind this? I found the current RHEL/Fedora
> approach much better.

Debian (since 7?) has settled on using subdirectories of /usr/lib for
different architectures.  See:

It supports more than just "64 bit or not", such as different kernels,
different endianness, and different instruction set extensions.

There's a link which explains better than I can why they did it:

The reason I specifically said:

On 22 May 2013 23:18, Richard W.M. Jones <rjones at> wrote:
> (10) Get rid of multilib, /usr/lib64 etc and copy what Debian/Ubuntu
> are doing.

is that Debian and derivatives are more popular than Fedora and the
Linux community ought to settle on one way of doing this, which just
by virtue of popularity and completeness of the proposal means doing
it the Debian way in this case.


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