Arduino firmware permissible to include?

Peter Oliver at
Thu May 23 13:25:13 UTC 2013

Arduino is an electronics prototyping board, and also a GNU GPL2-licenced IDE for writing and uploading code to such boards.  Fedora has packages for the IDE.

Recent versions of the IDE include WiFi firmware for Arduino (  The Arduino "source" bundles include the binary firmware.  Source code for the firmware is also included, but there are no build scripts, and the firmware is not built when the IDE itself is built.

Is it permissible to include this firmware in the Fedora packages?  My impression is that it's not firmware in the sense described at, because it's not firmware for hardware on which Fedora runs.  Rather, I believe that it is content (

Without access to the build scripts (which the GNU GPL2specifically says must be included), do we even have a licence to redistribute the firmware?

Peter Oliver

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