Software Management call for RFEs

Paul Flo Williams paul at
Thu May 23 14:47:28 UTC 2013

John.Florian at wrote:
>> From: Rahul Sundaram <metherid at>
>> What I would like to see is
>> solid git integration. Git has become the standard distributed vcs
>> and github and google code etc have stopped hosting tarballs and/or
>> discouraging it and GNOME is planning to do that as well.  If Source
>> URL could point directly to a git url with a hash or git tag, we
>> would benefit.
> Amen to that!  I roll my own rpms daily from locally developed sources
> where we have no policy of pushing tarballs.  From everything I've ever
> been able to figure out, it's necessary for me to make temporary tarballs
> just to feed rpmbuild.  It always seems such a huge waste of time,
> especially for very large packages.

RPM would still be making tarballs behind the scenes, even with better
integration with git, wouldn't it? -- you still need the ability to make

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