Anaconda 'frozen' for F19, nominate bugs that should be fixed as Freeze Exceptions

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Tue May 28 23:01:23 UTC 2013

Hey, folks. Just a heads-up: in recent releases the anaconda team have
started a policy of more or less 'freezing' anaconda for the whole
post-Beta period. Apart from some specific planned developments, they
intend to mostly take only fixes for Freeze Exception and Blocker bugs
into anaconda between Beta and Final, starting right now (not starting
from the official, project-wide freeze on June 16).

So please, when testing and filing bugs, nominate bugs that you believe
should be fixed in Fedora 19 Final as 'freeze exception' bugs. You can
do this easily by using the blocker/FE nomination web page:

or of course you can use the 'old-skool' process, which is just to mark
the bug as blocking 'FinalFreezeException'.

To avoid the load getting too large, if your bug is not of very critical
impact, it might be best to nominate it only if you know the devs are
actively working on a fix; it'd be a waste of people's time to review a
bunch of bugs that the devs didn't have time to work on. If your bug
seems pretty important, go ahead and nominate it straight away, as we'll
probably want to have it on the radar.

We were already planning to start doing blocker review meetings
tomorrow, so we'll make sure to review proposed anaconda freeze
exception bugs during review meetings from now on, and thereby make sure
the appropriate fixes are 'approved' to go into f19 final.

Thanks everyone!
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Twitter: AdamW_Fedora | adamwfedora

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