Installed tests

Matthias Clasen mclasen at
Wed May 29 00:20:33 UTC 2013


in upstream GNOME, we're starting to convert the 'make check' style
tests in many modules into installed tests that can be run against an
installed system. We run these tests in our build system whenever a
build completes. You can see this in action here: (the Integrationtest line).

I think these tests can be useful for Fedora qa as well, which is why I
am mentioning this here. I've just built the first glib2 release with
installed tests in rawhide. For now, I've put the tests in a glib2-tests
subpackage. The package contains the test binaries
(in /usr/libexec/glib/installed-tests) and metadata describing the tests
(in /usr/share/installed-tests/glib).

I expect that we'll see some more GNOME packages grow -tests subpackages
over the next months (gtk, gjs, libsoup, ...)

To run the tests upstream, we use a simple test runner called
gnome-desktop-testing-runner, which we could package as well. But the
metadata is very simple keyfiles, so it should be easy to adapt some
other test harness to use them, if desired.

All of this is still up for discussion, and we can make changes to make
the tests useful downstream as well as upstream.

Let me know what you think.


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