The official way to upgrade F18 to F19

Nathanael Noblet nathanael at
Thu May 30 02:40:09 UTC 2013

On 05/29/2013 07:12 PM, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> If folks think we shouldn't make 'fedup --network 19' work now to
> upgrade people to branched/prerelease, please scream. ;) Otherwise it
> will be the case from now on.


   I usually upgrade my main laptop and workstation to Fedora Beta X. 
This time around I tried in vain to find the magic incantation via 
google. So I downloaded the ISO, and did an ISO update then yum 
distro-sync. I would *love* if fedup allowed us to use a Alpha or Beta 
without knowing the incantation.

   I'm indifferent to the 'should we protect users'. I wouldn't 
necessarily say its needed, and I'd prefer to not have to know the 
'magic' name F19Beta or 19-beta or whatever. If its decided to protect 
users I'd go for a command line switch --allow-pre-release or something. 
Mainly because then fedup -h would display it and then the default could 
be left as is to only use released branches.

   Either way though consider this a scream for it to allow upgrades to 


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