Fwd: Thursday is Spice Test Day!

Martin Holec mholec at redhat.com
Thu May 30 12:16:44 UTC 2013

Are you tired of using VNC?

Best Regards,

Martin Holec
Desktop QE, Red Hat Brno

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Subject: Thursday is Spice Test Day!

Hi All,

The day has come to test Spice! The project got several new features,
half of them developed almost exclusively by the community. There are
several test cases on the Test Day page that allow you to try these

if you have any questions, ask on IRC channels (#fedora-test-day @
Freenode, #spice @ gimpnet)

Happy testing!



David Jaša, RHCE

SPICE QE based in Brno
GPG Key:     22C33E24 
Fingerprint: 513A 060B D1B4 2A72 7F0D 0278 B125 CD00 22C3 3E24

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