Draft Product Description for Fedora Workstation

Christian Schaller cschalle at redhat.com
Sat Nov 2 06:05:09 UTC 2013

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> > It looks like it is designed only for developers by developers.
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> > What about graphic designers, musicians, document writers, etc.? They
> > all are not mentioned as target audience.
> Per this document, those would fall into the "Other users" section.
> The software for much of those use cases is available in the wider
> Fedora repository, so one could install them if needed.
> josh
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In general I hope to see a lot of users of the workstation product, including the almost cliché usecase of the 'grandparents'.
Focusing on a specific set of usecases doesn't need to mean we should actively make the product unattractive to anyone else. 
A lot of the core things we need to get right is equally important to almost any type of user we can think of, I mean regardless
of if you are what we call a technical user or close to a computer illiterate you are very likely to prefer an operating system 
that doesn't crash over one that does, to make a very obvious example.

But what having these usecases here mean is that they do become an active tool for development prioritisation and to some degree packaging
prioritization and I think that will likely end up being the biggest change that these new products enact in Fedora.

Red Hat's contribution to Fedora is getting re-focused as part of this and these PRDs are meant to be a tool that managers such as myself 
will use to help prioritize what we focus our development resources on. So lets say I had to prioritize development time between improving 
terminal stacking for developers or polishing the GNOME Shell teatime extension to make sure our grandparent users get optimal tea. 
The PRD makes it clear that focus should go on terminal stacking. (Ok, a silly example, but hopefully still useful as an explanation :)

So just like all the other distributions out there we should as a community continue to try to have as many applications as possible available 
for our users, but the PRD should talk to where we are going to put resources intro trying to differentiate and be the leader. And every usecase
we add means we dilute our efforts a little more and thus make it less likely we achieve the goal. 

Of course once we succeed with our initial goals we should revisit the PRDs and see if there are new groups or areas we can and should target 
to continue growing without risking losing the gains we made.


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