Packages have "proxy" word.

Eric Sandeen sandeen at
Sat Nov 2 16:46:31 UTC 2013

On 11/2/13 10:50 AM, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> مصعب الزعبي wrote:
>> Then do new rule to write "proxies" instead of proxy, at Fedora packaging
>> guidlines.
> Renaming packages, censoring descriptions etc. in Fedora at the whims of 
> governments (of countries Fedora isn't supposed to be exported to in the 
> first place) is not going to happen. Sorry.
>         Kevin Kofler

I think your answer conflates two issues.

If Syria is on the export control list, there's really no further discussion
to be had.

But I wonder how many i.e. school nanny-filters ban URLs with the word
"proxy," and how that impacts the ability of users in any country to obtain

The idea of an alternate URL using package hashes seemed reasonable to me,
to route around that sort of internet damage.


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