bad use of "Dist Tag" in some packages of rawhide

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at
Sat Nov 2 20:04:16 UTC 2013

On Sat, 02 Nov 2013 19:39:38 +0100, Xose Vazquez Perez wrote:

> Kevin Kofler wrote:
> > Xose Vazquez Perez wrote:
> >> BAD use of %{dist} tag(75):
> >> ==========================
> >> afpfs-ng-0.8.1-13.fc21.3.src.rpm 13.fc21.3
> > [and many similar examples]
> > 
> > (the next paragraph right after the one you linked to).
> _rawhide_ is not an *old branch* . And it never was.
> To have {?dist}.X in rawhide should be impossible.
> It breaks the laws of thermodynamics!!

It looks ugly, but it's harmless.

It's the package maintainer's responsibility to _reset_ the Release tag in
Rawhide when upgrading the Version or when touching the package.

With the example of afpfs-ng, look what has happened here:

Two minor release bumps have been kept, have survived several mass-rebuilds,
because the bump-script does not mess with the Release tag, and even in
a later update by a packager a week ago, the ".3" has not been dropped.

If anyone feels like adding an option to rpmdev-bumpspec, that one could
attempt at cleaning up Release tags -- but note that even least-significant
stuff right of the dist tag could be wanted by the package owner(s), so
simply dropping it might be wrong. E.g. sometimes it's a patchlevel number,
with no "pl" prefix.

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