Packages have "proxy" word.

Michael Scherer misc at
Sat Nov 2 21:15:24 UTC 2013

Le samedi 02 novembre 2013 à 21:20 +0200, مصعب الزعبي a écrit :
> First , I ask very important questions:
> Is Fedora a global community or not ?? 
It is a global community, and as such, need sometime to take steps for
the global community rather than for a local one.

While the situation with your internet connexion is unfortunate, AFAIK,
there is a immediate workaround. A more proper way would be to be able
to restrict mirror by protocol ( or better, have yum/dnf to probe for
them, ie switch to a different protocol if he see there is something
fishy going with one protocol ), but unfortunately, this is not gonna to
code itself in 1 night ( or if this is coded in 1 night, this is not
gonna be backported itself in 1 night ).

Another solution would be to make mirror manager always return https
mirror for ip of some country or similar system. But then, you have to
send a proper bug report, and so far, I do not see you doing that.

> Is Fedora working for Freedom or not ??

Working for freedom yes, but that doesn't mean "working to fight all
kind of freedom restriction irrespective of any others factors". 

Michael Scherer

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