gnome software shell search provider? [Re: Is Gnome Software ready for primetime?]

Michael Scherer misc at
Mon Nov 4 12:55:34 UTC 2013

Le lundi 04 novembre 2013 à 12:04 +0100, Nicolas Mailhot a écrit :

> > instead going the easy windows-way and say "ok, you have to reboot"
> > it would be more worth to optimize the handling *after* updates
> > without reboot and let the user decie wichi services are needed
> > to restart
> Not to mention the windows way only works for home systems. In any
> corporation, sending "update and reboot now" orders to tens of thousand of
> workstations is a major productivity killer

AFAIK, some part of Orange do that. The only productivity killed is the
one of the people that work in the night during the mandatory update
windows at 2 or 3 o'clock.

And at work, we have a policy of rebooting servers after every monthly
update, to make sure the latest version of library and everything are
running. And this mostly disturb irc screen/tmux session, because we do
that during the night.

> (because if you wait for reboot to apply updates some people won't ever
> reboot and if you leave them the choice some will drop everything to
> reboot at once because they'd rather waste work time now than go home
> later at the end of the workday since updates take ages)

Based on my experience, people already do that, so we have to cope with
the fact they do not make update if we give them the choice. And this is
also costing money to company due to calls to support that could be
avoided if people ran the latest updated version of some software.

One alternative is to force updates during the night, which would work
fine for a workstation in a office ( and in which case, the issue of
having to reboot become much less a problem ). But not for laptops.

> One way or another, adding causes for reboot is not going to make the
> product more successful in the market. Can we stop the race to adopt other
> systems antifeatures?

Outside of posters in this thread, I think most people do not really
care how the update work. What they care is to avoid weird bugs and
that's the main point. Now, you disagree on the way to fix those weird
bugs, but if no one fixed them so far ( and to be honest, I have not
seen anyone even starting to work on this ), I doubt that waiting more
is gonna make the fix appear. Free software is a do-o-cracy, whatever
your perfect fix is, if it is not being implemented, it doesn't exist.

And if people do not wish to use GPK or gnome-software to make updates
because of the reboot, the old way still exist. People spoke of yumex
among others, and the various scripts that were posted would still work,
yum would still be here (or dnf). 

Michael Scherer

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