OpenH264 in Fedora

Alberto Ruiz aruiz at
Mon Nov 4 14:39:53 UTC 2013

On Sat, 2013-11-02 at 21:29 +0100, Björn Persson wrote:
> Fedora mustn't have third-party repositories like RPM Fusion enabled by
> default. Users must consciously configure them.
> Therefore Fedora mustn't download Cisco's binaries by default. It will
> have to be something that users must consciously configure.

It can ask the user whether he wants to opt-in/out for the plugin installation, removing this mechanism at all won't help the users.

> So what's the big deal? If Cisco goes through with this, then there
> will be one more free but patent-encumbered implementation. Another
> implementation doesn't hurt, but I don't see how it solves any
> fundamental problems.

It solves a fundamental problem, you have to pay MPEG-LA a license to
distribute binaries, so now we have a source that is willing to produce
binaries for as many architectures as we need that are licensed by

So now any user is one click away from being able to access content
widely available in the web (which is sadly going through the HTML5

We still have a problem with MP3, but it does solve a fundamental

>  The only news is that Cisco will hand out blobs
> with gratis patent licenses for some time. Establishing a standard
> based on the assumption that Cisco will continue doing that
> indefinitely seems like a bad idea.

Is better than nothing, we can always fall back to what we do now once
they stop doing that.

Alberto Ruiz

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