Draft Product Description for Fedora Workstation

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Mon Nov 4 17:57:58 UTC 2013

Florian Müllner wrote:
> ... or users having to update their *entire* system to
> unstable/experimental versions if they want to try the lastest
> Firefox/Libreoffice/Eclipse

Then either upstream or the Fedora packager should just build the unstable 
version against the stable Fedora in a PPA. See e.g. kde-unstable for KDE 
betas. We just need to get that COPR stuff (the Fedora PPAs) done so that 
setting up such a repository becomes easy. That makes much more sense than 
throwing the whole repository system overboard and going back to bundling 

        Kevin Kofler

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