[Owner-change] Fedora packages ownership change

nobody at fedoraproject.org nobody at fedoraproject.org
Mon Nov 4 10:00:22 UTC 2013

Change in ownership over the last 168 hours

6 packages were orphaned
jcharts [devel] was orphaned by lotharlutz
     A java based charts library
gettext-commons [devel,f18,f19,f20] was orphaned by musuruan
     Java internationalization (i18n) library
xmmsctrl [devel,f18,f19,f20] was orphaned by oget
     Command line control utility for xmms
metadata-extractor [devel,f18,f19,f20] was orphaned by musuruan
     JPEG metadata extraction framework
python-ZConfig [devel,f18,f19,f20] was orphaned by konradm
     Structured Configuration Library
ardour [devel,f18,f19,f20] was orphaned by oget
     Multichannel Digital Audio Workstation

14 packages unorphaned
bsjones         unorphaned : fluid-soundfont [devel,f18,f19,f20]
bsjones         unorphaned : liblo [devel,f18,f19,f20]
bsjones         unorphaned : dssi [devel,f18,f19,f20]
bsjones         unorphaned : jack-audio-connection-kit [devel,f18,f19,f20]
bsjones         unorphaned : fluidsynth-dssi [devel,f18,f19,f20]
bsjones         unorphaned : fluidsynth [devel,f18,f19,f20]
jpopelka        unorphaned : psutils [devel,f18,f19,f20]
jjames          unorphaned : python-cvxopt [devel,f18,f19,f20]
cicku           unorphaned : mlmmj [EL-5,EL-6,devel,f18,f19]
bsjones         unorphaned : libffado [devel,f18,f19,f20]
bsjones         unorphaned : jack-keyboard [devel,f18,f19,f20]
bsjones         unorphaned : hydrogen [devel,f18,f19,f20]
bsjones         unorphaned : lash [devel,f18,f19,f20]
bsjones         unorphaned : liblrdf [devel,f18,f19,f20]

4 packages were retired
jline2 [devel] was retired by goldmann
     JLine is a Java library for handling console input
ruby-openid [devel,f20] was retired by ktdreyer
     Ruby library for verifying and serving OpenID identities
btparser [devel,f20] was retired by till
     Parser and analyzer for backtraces produced by GDB
kde-plasma-networkmanagement [devel,f20] was retired by jgrulich
     NetworkManager KDE 4 integration

7 packages changed owner
limb            gave to puiterwijk         : mod_auth_openid [f19]
limb            gave to petersen           : ghc-random [EL-6,f18,f19,f20]
limb            gave to besser82           : cmake28 [EL-5]
limb            gave to kiilerix           : polarssl [EL-5,EL-5,EL-6]
limb            gave to cicku              : mlmmj [f20]
limb            gave to petersen           : ghc-stm [f19,f20]
limb            gave to pwouters           : tinyca2 [EL-6,f18,f19,f20]

Sources: https://github.com/pypingou/fedora-owner-change

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