OpenH264 in Fedora

Bruno Wolff III bruno at
Mon Nov 4 18:50:23 UTC 2013

On Mon, Nov 04, 2013 at 19:35:28 +0100,
   Alberto Ruiz <aruiz at> wrote:
>How is the code from RPMFusion any better? And if getting it through
>RPMFusion is acceptable, why is it suddenly unacceptable to do it trough
>other means? I don't care about the quality of the code, I just care
>that my video is decoded.

I believe that the x264 code is more efficient than most other 
implementations. (Based on what I have read, not tests I have performed 
personally.) I haven't seen which profiles are going to be supported by 
Cisco's implementation. The proposed mandatory to implement profiles are only 
a subset of the profiles available in h.264, so that implementation may 
not support as many features as x264.

That is the sense in which it is better.

>Google gave up on that battle, Mozilla gave up on that battle, and
>somehow you expect that the Fedora community can somehow turn the tides?
>There are better ways to push for improvements in this effort (like the
>Daala codec).

Fedora is more strongly tied to freedom than Google or Mozilla. Waiting 
for Daala may not work out that well. h.264 would likely stay mandatory, 
even after Daala was available. Strengthening h.264 will make it easier 
to leverage derived codecs in the future, possibly leaving Daala out 
in the cold in the future.

>                                                    Nobody cares about
>the open web more than the Mozilla organization,

I disagree with that statement.

>Again, the people who have been fighting for open source media
>and the Mozilla organization have already acknowledge that while this
>situation is not ideal, is an improvement over the current situation,
>I'd say we should trust these guys a little when it comes to these
>things, don't you think?

I don't think it is an improvement. It might be better for Mozilla, but I 
don't think it is better for society. I trust them to speak as to what's 
better for their interests, but their interests are not completely aligned 
with mine or the larger society.

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