Draft Product Description for Fedora Workstation

Christian Schaller cschalle at redhat.com
Tue Nov 5 15:32:30 UTC 2013

The term 'Power user' is not meaningless if you use it to refer to users of
Fedora on IBM Power architecture ;)

But apart from that I do agree that the term as generally used doesn't provide 
a very clear target for development.


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> > Le Lun 4 novembre 2013 23:02, Nicolas Mailhot a écrit :
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> >> The problem is not to get code in the hands of developers. You don't need
> >> distros for that. The problem is to get the code to end-users and
> >> developers spend more time fighting the constrains it involves than trying
> >> to understand this problem-space.
> >>
> >> Of course the aim might not be to reach end users but to push code from
> >> developpers to other developers.
> >
> > And if that is the case, there is a huge disconnect between GNOME goals
> > and Fedora Workstation goals. GNOME speakers repeat all year round their
> > software is not aimed at "power users", but developers are the über power
> > user.
> Depends on what you mean by "power user" (I hate this meaningless
> term) if it means "software developer" then
> yes. If it means "someone that spends his whole day in config dialogs" then
> no.
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