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William Brown william at
Wed Nov 6 06:44:22 UTC 2013


I am looking to have the following package reviewed for inclusion into

Tayga is a NAT64 implementation in userland. With the help of DNS64
(BIND), it allows an ipv6 only client to communicate with the ipv4

I have attached the SRPM of what I have created.

There are a few things that could change. First, I had thought that I
would need more selinux policy than I did. At the moment the policy just
provides a filecontext. Is there a better way to do this?

The ifup / ifdown script read their variables from the /etc/tayga
configuration file. In most scenarios, a system will run only one
instance of this. However I would like feedback on:

Should I enable it so that the ifup/down can accept a tayga.conf
parameter to read 
Should the ifup/ifdown script generate the tayga.conf on the fly to
say /var/run/tmp somewhere from values provided in the ifup / ifdown?

Additionally, what I have in these scripts should really be reviewed, as
I have never written them before.

Finally, tayga is a long running process, as such, I have enabled the
hardened build. It is possible to run as an alternate user and in a
chroot of it's DB dir. What is the best way to go about adding a user
for this package for the daemon to run as?

Looking forwards to comments and advice, 


William Brown

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