[Fedora Base Design WG] Committee FESCO approved, next steps

Phil Knirsch pknirsch at redhat.com
Wed Nov 6 13:41:25 UTC 2013

On 11/06/2013 05:43 AM, Jon wrote:
> On Nov 4, 2013 12:01 PM, "Stephen Gallagher" <sgallagh at redhat.com
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>  > On 11/04/2013 11:07 AM, Phil Knirsch wrote:
>  > > Hi everyone.
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>  > > A quick update from my side regarding the Base Design WG:
>  > >
>  > > - My proposed committee was approved by FESCO last Wednesday. One
>  > > negative vote came from Stephen Gallagher that he would have very
>  > > much preferred to have Lennart instead of Harald or Josh on the
>  > > committee.
>  > >
>  >
>  > To be completely clear, I said I would have preferred having Lennart
>  > on the WG. I did not state that I thought Harald or Josh should not be
>  > members. That's an important distinction, I think :)
>  >
>  > I felt strongly enough that Lennart belonged on this group that I
>  > chose to cast a token vote, knowing that it would not affect the outcome.
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> Howdy folks.
> Looking forward to getting to work on base design. Regarding the voting
> members I feel we have a great group. Everyone intersted (voting or not)
> should participate in our discussions. My vote will certainly be
> influenced by anyone in the community willing to participate.  :-)

100% :)

> One thing I would like to talk about is embedded Fedora, mostly as that
> is my personal area of involvement with the project.  There is not an
> embedded working group, and it's my agenda to hopefully have the base
> design double as embedded.  It makes sense to me in the sense that base
> ring-zero is sort of the embedded core into cloud, server, or
> workstation. By itself base would be suitable for the smallest deployment.

Thats a really good point, and one i do share as well: The Base needs to 
be able to serve as a starting point for every current and any potential 
future Fedora products. And to do so means we need to find the smallest 
common denominator. Of course this is just my personal opinion, and 
we'll discuss this among many other topics during our meetings. And last 
but not least in collaboration with the other WGs, as they rely on us to 
deliver something they can use as a, well, "Base". ;)

> Another item I'd like to consider for the initial discussion is the
> release cycle for the base design. My feeling is that base is small
> enough and simple enough to allow a more frequent release, perhaps even
> continuously. My guess is the other WGs will have their own ideas for
> how frequently they output. So base WG would need to be the lowest
> common denominator in that way. Obviouly rel-eng and qa need to
> represent for this topic. :-)

Right, release cycle will definitely be a hot topic, and i'd like us to 
investigate different types as well, e.g. not a time based but a major 
feature based cycle (e.g. new upstream kernel -> new release), 
continuous, support time for releases, what about feature backports and 
so forth. Lots revolving around those topics i think.

One request i also already got was if we in the Base WG could take a 
look at containers/sandboxes for applications as well. Basically so that 
the technology could be used by any derived product built on top of 
Base. And as there are currently multiple competing technologies being 
worked on (docker.io, systemd containers, libvirt-lxc, openshift 
cartridges) we'd need to evaluate those and decide which one(s) we'd 
want to offer as a "standard" from the Base product.

Thanks & regards, Phil

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