Draft Product Description for Fedora Workstation

Josh Boyer jwboyer at fedoraproject.org
Wed Nov 6 15:26:45 UTC 2013

On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 10:19 AM, Christian Schaller <cschalle at redhat.com> wrote:
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>> > I would actually like to go a little further, and make it easy to enable
>> > 'clean' third-party repositories. If we imagine a future where e.g.
>> > valve is hosting a repository with their steam client, or say, the
>> > chromium web browser is available from the a fedora people page, I would
>> > really like it if searching for 'steam' or 'chromium' in gnome-software
>> > would bring up a text that said something like: The software you are
>> > looking for is available from a third-party repository. Do you want to
>> > enable it ?
>> That was how I understood the original proposal.  And that's the
>> conversation that needs to happen at a higher level outside of the WG
>> before it can really be a reality.
> I don't think we need to push these decisions to be Fedora generic. There is no reason
> why the 3 products can't have different rule sets. Just because a policy would work
> for the cloud image for instance doesn't mean it is the right one for the Workstation and vice versa.

I don't think we need to force the same policy across all 3 products.
I DO think we need to discuss adjusting the policy with the people
that set the current policy though.  That would be FESCo and the
Board.  I'm going to guess they have reasons for not allowing third
party repositories to be automatically installed/enabled for reasons
and they oversee the WGs, so bringing it up with them is the correct
thing to do.

I'd be happy to open a FESCo ticket to discuss this.


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