AppData: what if screenshots are the wrong aspect ratio?

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Wed Nov 6 19:52:12 UTC 2013

On 5 November 2013 21:25, Jerry James <loganjerry at> wrote:
> But those screenshots are not the right aspect ratio.  What is the
> right thing to do here?  Just use this anyway and let the GUIs decide
> how to resize the screenshots?

drago01 already pointed you to the correct link, but a more general
point is that *any* screenshot is better than no screenshot. Some
games that run full screen are really hard to capture in 16:9, and
also some apps like tuxpaint will only run in a specific aspect ratio.
In this case it's okay to do something non-16:9 (gnome-software will
just pad out the space with alpha) but consistent 16:9 screenshots
with the correct window borders / fonts / settings really make the
software center look cohesive and a "designed" thing. We don't show
the screenshots in Fedora 20, but we've already got a huge number of
upstreams pushing 16:9 screenshots into their next releases which
means by Fedora 21 we'll have the data in the right place ready to
show a *jaw dropping* application installer.

And... I wanted to send a big thanks for helping with all this.
Package maintainers writing AppData files and pushing them upstream
when possible is the only way we can make this a big success in
Fedora. It's appreciated.


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