Draft Product Description for Fedora Workstation

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Thu Nov 7 03:11:50 UTC 2013

Adam Williamson wrote:
> It's not a clear calculation _at all_, and it's a pure counterfactual,
> so more or less impossible to determine with any certainty. An equally
> possible result is that fewer parties _relatively speaking_ have a
> strong interest in aiding distro packaging but more parties _absolutely
> speaking_ become interested in making software available for Linux at
> all, and the upshot of that is that we get more software available both
> through the 'third party' mechanism _and_ through distro packaging, and
> all is sweetness and rainbows. That's certainly a plausible outcome. I'm
> not suggesting I or anyone can be certain exactly what would happen, jus
> that this is a sensitive and risk-prone area.

I don't believe in that at all. I think that the Free Software community is 
happy with the system as it stands now; whom we would attract with an 
alternative system is developers who develop proprietary software and/or who 
hate distribution packaging, and so will never get their stuff into our 
repositories. If a developer is happy with the distro packaging system, why 
would they care about the app system?

        Kevin Kofler

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